Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Where: Online Everywhere
When: August 12, 2010
What: The Worldwide Release of the long-awaited Documentary Adventure, Metaphysia 2012
How To Participate: Get a DVD Now at: www.globalvisionfilm.com/now
To Do: Watch the film, then let at least 3 others know how to get the DVD as well

FEATURES: Never-before seen footage of crucially important Native American Prophetic Wisdom, Healing, and Spiritual Gudiance. This is a truly magnificent opportunity to consider a much more profound view of the 2012 timeline; an uplifting, empowering Vision.

Film Description:

In METAPHYSIA 2012, filmmaker Sean M. Fisher explores the metaphysical mysteries behind the ancient Maya prophecies for 2012 -- being hailed as "one of the most original and thought-provoking Documentary journeys in years."

In search of deeper meaning and a greater understanding of our New Century predicament, Fisher travels coast to coast across the United States, meeting some of the most influential thinkers in the alternative and metaphysical movement.

What he learns from them is surprising, even shocking to our conventional worldview; eventually leading him to one inescapable conclusion: human life on Earth is about to change forever...

But how?

Ultimately, it is a mysterious phone call from a Native American Peace Chief that changes his path and destiny forever.

Culminating in one of the most emotional and climactic scenes in the Documentary genre, METAPHYSIA 2012 is as much a beautiful clarion call to a new and empowered human future, as it is an enlightening and revealing confrontation with our present global crisis of consciousness.

Some of the Cast Members Sharing Breakthrough Information About 2012, Consciousness, Metaphysics and More, Include:

Peace Chief Sonne Reyna

Daniel Pinchbeck, author "2012 and The Return of Quetzlcoatl"

Jodi Serota, Founder: The Meta Center

JZ Knight, Channel for Ramtha

Alan Steinfeld, Founder: NewRealities

Dick Sutphen, noted author/hypnotherapist

Michael Beckwith, Founder: Agape Spiritual Center

Sean David Morton, Founder: Delphi Associates

Allison Rae, author "Cosmic Time"

Dr. Steven Hairfield, noted author and teacher

Dr. Dean Radin, Noetic Sciences

Dr. Robert Thurman, noted author and teacher from Tibet House

Peter Russell, author "Waking Up In Time"

Professor Mukara Meredith, Naropa University

Richard Heckler, noted Buddhist author and teacher

Catheryn Bachman, astrologer from Creative Pathways

William Waterway Marks, publisher/editor "Water Voices From Around The World"

Michael Tsarion, noted author, teacher, researcher

Jordan Maxwell, noted alternative researcher/scholar

Wynn Free, author "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce"

Dr. Joyce Kovelman, spiritual psychologist and author

Darryl Anka, Channel for Bashar

Frank Mapatis, Spiritual Leader, Hualapai Tribe

Wachan, Inca Medicine Man

Gary Hodge, Requahillboy from the Yurok Nations

Jean McCovey, Tirbal Member, Yurok Nations

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Metaphysia: By The Year 2012

Metaphysia 2012: The Movie

A simple post into the blogosphere on the near-future release of Metaphysia 2012, described by test audiences as:

An urgent multi-sensory experience for exploring, understanding, and healing our world.

At this date, November 9, 2008, we are witnessing, truly, a human world at a crossroads.

The powers of all that is good and promising are in a fierce battle with all that would challenge them. And in the midst of this, human society is confused, overwhelmed, and wondering.

We are seeing unprecedented global transformation to all structures of society; and all this, as we are counting down to the prophetic passage of the year 2012.

We have great cause for celebration during this passage, as we get to participate in powerful new waves of higher conscious living, such as the election (finally) of our first African American President in the United States - a true cause for celebration.

Yet, others have a sense for a year ahead that could be much more challenging than anything we have ever witnessed. Great challenges: such as the potential collapse of our entire global economic system seem looming.

In the midst of this the question is: why? Why is the world in such upheaval and change as never before? And Why Now?

Ultimately the deeper question on everyone's mind is: where are we heading? What kind of future lies ahead for the human family?

Volumes upon volumes of books have been published in an attempt to answer this fundamental question. But really, who has time to read them all? And even then, whose version of reality and destiny are you going to believe?

Even so, there are certainly a few things we can agree upon: this is perhaps one of the most exciting times to be alive on Planet Earth, and also perhaps one of the most dangerous.

So it is: the yin and yang of opposites, rising to a fierce intensity and polarity as never before - and with it... a strange sense of wonder and hope and discovery behind it all.

And then, suddenly, a simple Documentary appears: called Metaphysia 2012 - one person's humble search to find real answers to serious questions, and even discover a new kind of Certainty and Peace within this great storm of Change.

But perhaps Metaphysia 2012 will only be an introduction, an enjoyable and provocative surface ride upon a Great Ocean of New Information - where beneath it live the true depths and mysteries of this Sea; and we all know, it takes great time and energy to plumb those depths.

Yet, sooner or later, through our natural inclinations for evolution and growth, each of us must take a dive.

Metaphysia is intending to begin public release sometime in 2009 or early 2010.

As test audiences have remarked, the film will stimulate you on many different levels of your being, both physical and metaphysical, activating new inner senses of awareness and wisdom.

What you do with this activation, beyond the experience of the film, will truly be the Mystery ahead.

Current Total Run Time: 108 minutes